Gesellschaften Osteuropas




Workshop on Eastern European Politics and Society

Institut für Soziologie
Prof. Dr. Alexander Libman
Geschwister-Scholl-Institut für Politikwissenschaft
Prof. Dr. Petra Stykow

10-11 February, Institute of Sociology, Konradstraße 6, 80801 Munich

10 February (Room 208)

13:45-15:15: Mikhail Sokolov, European University in St. Petersburg: We Have Never Been Neo-Liberal: The Logic of Authoritarian Modernization in Russian Academia (invited speaker)
15:30-16.15: Anna Abalkina/Alexander Libman: The Real Costs of Plagiarism: Russian Governors, Plagiarized PhD Theses, and Infrastructure in Russian Regions
16:45-17:30: Laura Eras: Social Origin and Assortative Mating in Russia
17:45-18:30: Zuleykha Mailzada: Hierarchical Power and Studies of International Health in the USSR

11 February (Room 308)

09:00-09:45: Mariya Dubovitskaya: Introducing Social Media into the Communicative Practice of Courts: The Role of the Judge-Media Relations Coordinator in Kazakhstan
10:05-10:50: Julia Baumann: How Do Non-dominant Actors Organize Electoral Contestation on the Municipal Level? Exploring the Dynamics of Local Competition in Russia
11:00-11:45: Melanie Hien: Civil Society and Political Regime in Transformation: The Hungarian Case
12:30-13:15: Petra Stykow/Christian Hagemann: External Influence versus Patronal Politics: The Macedonian Political Crisis 2015-2017
13:25-13:55: Tihomir Vrdoljak: Changing Constitution without a Constitutional Reform? Determinants and Consequences of Implicit Constitutional Change for the Consolidation of Bosnia-Herzegovina since 1997 (Defense of the MA Thesis)

Presenters are invited to send their papers or extended abstracts to Laura Eras,, so that they can be circulated among all participants

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